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Provincetown Portraits

In 2005, Boston’s Copley Society of Art granted Paul Schulenburg a one month residency at the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown. Some of the distinguished members of America’s most prolific and oldest continuous art colony were studied and portrayed in these oil paintings:

Paul Bowen, Arthur Cohen, Michael Davis, Salvatore Del Deo, William Evaul, Robert Henry, Jack Kearney, Cynthia Packard, Richard Pepitone, Romanos Rizk, Selina Trieff.

Many of the paintings Schulenburg has completed in recent years focus on dock workers and fishermen on the pier in Provincetown, a way of life that has been gradually disappearing. During this project he was drawn to capture the artistic heritage of this community as well. These works were presented to collectors, historians and the general public at a show sponsored by the AddisonArtGallery in November 2005 and at the Cape Cod Museum of Arts in January and February, 2006. A highlight of the show was seeing the finished pieces amongst artists portrayed in the town that has inspired generations of artists.

The Fine Arts Work Center was founded in 1968 “to give young artists and writers the chance to live on their own and work . . . bringing new blood into the community and encouraging artists to settle here.” It’s founders include Robert Motherwell, Myron Stout, Jack Tworkov, Alan Dugan and Stanley Kunitz. The Copley Society is the country's oldest non-profit art organization