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Painting for me is like a personal journal- interpretations of the people, places and things I experience day to day. I find that when I really connect with my subject, people viewing my work will sense that and connect as well.

My work is also simply about exploring shape, design, color, tonality, light, shadow and texture. About capturing the subtle gestures of human form. There is a narrative quality, but it’s a partial narrative. I often find that what is most interesting is what is left unsaid.

The human form has always played an important role in artistic creativity; in painting, in sculpture, in dance. The various physical states of condition, the infinite variety of positions, lighting conditions and environmental placement, will evoke any number of immediate emotional responses from an observer. We all share in the fact that we are human and our first line of communication is through a gesture, a posture, a facial expression. A small change in the angle of a head or a tilt of the hips can completely change the emotional quality of a gesture.

In focusing attention on another human being in the act of drawing, painting or sculpting, an artist can feel a release from the sense of self and his or her usual conscious preoccupations. The concern is for the person perceived, the work created, and connection of shared humanity. Ideally the artist will not just create something that resembles a particular person, but something that evokes a feeling or emotion transcending the outer surface.